Silver rings with diamonds for wedding

For weddings, both the bride and groom need a wedding ring, and many choose their wedding rings in silver. You can buy sterling silver from jeweler Rebecca Falck.

While the groom's ring is often quite simple and just silver and a bit wider than the ring the bride gets, the bride's ring is where you can really go all out with the design. You can have as many diamonds as you want in the bride's silver ring. The wedding ring for the bride can be a solitaire ring with a large and sparkling diamond or it can be a beautiful ring with many white diamonds side by side.

Many engagement rings are also in silver and precisely because the engagement rings are rings that you give each other before the big day, the wedding, there are not quite as many diamonds in the engagement rings, but anything is possible. Maybe some ruby ​​or emerald instead of for the engagement?

Rings in sterling silver with diamonds

Diamonds in silver rings have been beautiful and simple for many years and are clearly among the best sellers at jeweler Rebecca Falck. Silver is not expensive and has a cool look that goes really well with the white diamonds.

Sterling silver for diamond rings

It is very individual how you feel about silver. If you're on a budget, you can get the same beautiful diamonds in your silver ring and make it a little cheaper. Sterling silver is pure luxury and that is what many people choose. Why? Because it's a piece of jewelry, a diamond ring or a necklace that will be worn for many, many years, and then we like to give it a little extra. There are often many emotions behind choosing a diamond ring, so choose a diamond ring that feels just right for you.

Diamond ring in silver

When you see a diamond ring in silver, you know immediately if it is your style or not. That's how it is with beautiful jewelry, and that's why jeweler Rebecca Falck has a large selection of beautiful designs in silver rings with diamonds. The silver rings are available in many designs and are both the very simple and thin silver rings with a small diamond for women to the large, wide men's rings in powerful designs with large diamonds and maybe even with names. There are so many options for design and number of diamonds in a silver ring that you will love to visit the Rebecca Falck store in Helsingborg and try on the rings that suit you best.

Silver ring with diamond

Silver rings with diamonds are very popular for both men and women. Men's silver rings are large and powerful, as they must fit men's hands, which are often larger than women's hands. Mander rings are often worn on the ring finger or little finger, and they can have inscriptions such as a monogram or just a large initial. The rings can be in pure silver or adorned with one or more beautiful diamonds.

Name rings in silver with beautiful diamonds

Name rings are also very popular among men and here the name can be adorned with one or more diamonds. Name rings called Nomine by Rebecca Falck are made to order in sterling silver, and you can choose the style (the font in which the name will be written). Each Nomine ring is a special design made just for you, and everything is made by hand in Rebecca's silversmith workshop. In a Nomination, you can have both a short and a long name standing, and you can also choose to receive a silver Nomination with your nickname. Ask Rebecca Falck for advice if you dream of a Nomination in silver with diamonds.

Other silver rings with diamonds are for women and there are endless designs to choose from. You can see many of them here in the store, and if you visit Rebecca's silversmith shop in Helsingborg, you can see even more. Among the silver rings with diamonds are rings with flowers, solitaire rings, diamond rings with large genuine Tahitian pearls and silver balls and diamond rings designed in a combination of 14K gold, silver and white gold. They are all very beautiful and what many women dream of.

Silver ring with diamond

Diamonds look just as beautiful when designed into a sterling silver ring. Sterling silver is not quite as expensive as gold, so that way you can afford a little more diamonds if you choose silver. At jewelry designer Rebecca Falck, you can choose from many beautiful silver rings with diamonds in exciting designs, and they are rings that you can wear every day and also wear to parties.

Jewelry that matches and is in a set

All the jewelry that you see and can buy online is designed by the jewelry designer Rebecca Falck and you can buy sets with, for example, finger ring, necklace and earrings. That way, you have beautiful jewelry that matches, and you can both see and buy them online and in the store in Helsingborg. Rebecca Falck has designed jewelry for men and women for more than 20 years and processes all jewelry in her workshop in the store in Helsingborg.

Good to know about diamonds

Diamonds are classified and valued according to the 4 Cs: Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut. The sum of these four variables gives the value of the diamond. It is the case that certain colors (Color) and cuts (Cut) are more valuable than others.