Diamond necklace in gold

Gold is the perfect metal for a necklace with a diamond. You can choose different types of gold in several shades. White gold is the very simple and classy choice and gives a beautifully shiny look, which matches perfectly with the white shade of white diamonds. Colored diamonds in, for example, yellow, turquoise or red are also very beautiful in white gold.

Yellow gold is the classic color and gold gives your jewelry a softer look. The golden gold color frames the diamonds in the necklace beautifully and adds even more bling. Both the shiny gold with diamonds and the brushed gold with diamonds give your diamonds a prominent role in the necklace and make them shine even more.

The yellow classic gold is the most sold worldwide for necklaces, and it is always a nice gift for someone you care about. Gold necklace with diamonds is one of the most valuable gifts you can give.

Rose gold is actually yellow gold mixed with a little copper and this gives the gold a more old gold color. It is most reminiscent of the color that gold from the jeweler had in the past, and diamonds in this very hot rose gold give the necklace a particularly romantic character. It is a beautiful gift and always a beautiful piece of jewelry.

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Diamond necklace with name

The most personal jewelry is often the one with a name. Goldsmith Rebecca Falck is known for her name jewelry, and necklaces with names are some of the best sellers. A name necklace can have both a short name and a long name, and the jewelry is made for both men and women. A name necklace can always be adorned with one or more diamonds of your choice.

All name jewelery is handmade in Rebecca's workshop in the store in Helsingborg and it is made to order. Contact Rebecca and get a price quote today. Name necklaces are made in collaboration with you.

Gold necklace with name

Most name necklaces are made of gold. Either the classic yellow gold in 14 kt or 18 kt or in white gold. Both types of gold can be adorned with diamonds of your choice.

Necklace with diamond

Where should the diamonds sit in a diamond necklace? For example, the diamonds can be the icing on the cake, sit as a hyphen or on each side of the name. It is something that you decide and there is no upper limit to how many diamonds you can get on your gold name necklace.

Diamond necklace

You can choose from many beautiful diamond necklaces at jeweler Rebecca Falck. You can find both the small and very simple necklaces with a small pendant, for example with each pearl and a diamond, and you can find the large, powerful necklaces that are a complete piece of jewelry in themselves. The chain around the neck is a beautiful statement for both men and women.

If you want a very simple necklace, you also have the option of designing your own lock in gold and with diamonds for the necklace, so that your necklace becomes completely personal. The lock can be small or large, and Rebecca can design it just the way you want it.

Necklace in 14k or 18kt gold

Your gold necklace can be either 14 kt or 18 kt. What do you prefer? You can also choose white gold or rose gold. Stop by the store in Helsingborg and see the large selection of beautiful necklaces in gold.

Jewelry for the lady

You can find a large selection of beautiful jewelry for ladies at jeweler Rebecca Falck. In the store, you can try on the jewelry and find the right size for, for example, gold rings with diamonds and necklaces, which must be the right length. Rebecca can guide you so that you choose the perfect piece of jewelry for yourself.

Diamond jewelry for men

Jeweler Rebecca Falck also makes jewelry for men in gold. Among the many popular designs are men's gold rings with diamond arm nominations, and gold name necklaces with diamonds.

Design your own diamond jewelry

When you design jewelry with diamonds yourself, Rebecca helps you find the perfect diamonds for your gold jewelry. With Rebecca's expertise, you get a piece of jewelry that you will love and want to wear every day.

Buy your jewelery at Jeweler Rebecca Falck in Helsingborg. You can see the prices online in the store and shop from home online. You are also welcome to come into the store and get advice about your investment in a beautiful piece of jewelry. Rebecca can give you a quote if you want to design a necklace in your very own style.