On this page you can see a selection of jewelery that we have made with the names of boys and girls, men and women. You can also design a piece of jewelery with your name, for example in gold or white gold. We make both finger rings, bracelets and necklaces with names. Most jewelry with names is in gold and you have the option to decorate your jewelry with diamonds, hearts, stars, etc. You also have the option to choose the font to be printed with.

Gold nominations can contain up to 14 letters. Necklaces with names can contain the number of letters you need.

Overall, name jewelry is one of the most personal, beautiful gifts you can give yourself or someone you care about. Contact us and let us design your beautiful jewelry with names together.

Visit us at Goldsmith's store in Kolmätaregränden 9, 252 20 Helsingborg, write to info@rebeccafalck.dk or call 26391167. Then we will help you make your next beautiful piece of jewelry.