Sell ​​Gold Helsingborg

Sell ​​your gold

Sell ​​your gold in Helsingborg. Do you have old gold, or have you inherited gold jewelry that you don't use at all? Then you can have them valued by jeweler Rebecca Falck and get money instead of having old gold lying in the chest of drawers.

Gold shop in Helsingborg

Rebecca Falck is a jeweler who buys gold in Helsingborg, Sweden. You can get a good price for your gold. The shop is small and cozy and is located in Kolmäteregränden in central Helsingborg and close to the ferry to Denmark and public transport. You can easily go to the jeweler and value the gold you are not using. Easily sell your gold at Goldsmith Rebecca Falck in Helsingborg.

We buy your gold

The goldsmith Rebecca Falck in Helsingborg weighs and evaluates your gold when you bring it into the store and she values ​​your gold immediately. The gold price can vary from day to day and at Rebecca Falck we always use the current gold price of the day. The price you receive is only valid on the same day.

Sell ​​your gold in Helsingborg

It is easy to sell your gold in Helsingborg. The best place to sell your gold is with jeweler Rebecca Falck.

There are many grades of gold and you can sell gold at several prices. Your gold price will be calculated in SEK, Swedish kronor, when you are in the store. Come down to Rebecca's shop with your old gold and old gold jewelry and get the price of the gold.

What gold price will I get?

If you know your gold and know what carat it is, you can try Jeweler Rebecca Falck's gold calculator here online

Try our gold calculator here.

Weigh your gold at home and get an idea of ​​what it's worth. On the calculator, you can also see the daily price online for the different types of gold. The daily price of gold is updated online every day.

Sell ​​gold jewelery in Helsingborg

Gold jewelry often has a good gold price and you can quickly find out what your jewelry is worth. The price you receive is only valid on the same day.

How do you sell your gold in Helsingborg?

1. Bring your gold to the shop, Goldsmith Rebecca Falck, as well as ID and bank account number
2. The jeweler weighs your gold
3. You will receive a price for your gold immediately. The price of your gold is only valid on the same day.
4. If you sell your gold, you get the money in your bank account the day after you sell it.

How long does it take to sell your gold?

It takes from 5 - 30 minutes to weigh and evaluate your gold by the jeweler.

Should I sell my gold?

You decide for yourself whether you want to sell your gold once you have it valued in the shop. The price you get for your gold is an offer and it only applies on the same day. If you choose to sell at today's gold price, you will receive the money afterwards. If you choose NOT to sell, there may be a fee of SEK 100 added to the assessment. You get the fee back if you come and sell your gold at a later time.

What is required for me to sell my gold?

You must have a valid ID and bank account number with you to sell your gold.

Who buys gold in Helsingborg?

Goldsmith Rebecca Falck in Kolmäteregränden buys gold from private individuals in Helsingborg. For example, you can sell gold necklaces, gold finger rings, gold bracelets and gold earrings. If there are precious stones in the jewelry, they are not weighed. The jeweler does not buy the gems that are in the jewelry.

If you have any questions, please call us; +46 729 224 291

Try our gold calculator here.