Design your own jewelery with our help

Your old gold can actually become a beautiful piece of jewelry and you can get help with the design from Rebecca Falck. Maybe you have some gold rings, gold chains, gold pendants or gold earrings that you don't use or are tired of.
Maybe you have inherited some gold jewelry, gold rings, gold chains or gold bracelets that are not quite your style and you might want to change them. You can use jewelry both for everyday life and for parties. Maybe you have some jewelry that you got as a gift, but maybe don't always wear.


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How much does it cost to design jewelry?

Many pieces of jewelry have high affective value and many emotions are tied up in them, and it can be a bit difficult to get rid of them, even if you no longer like the design.

Design your own bracelet

At Rebecca Falck you can get help, inspiration and ideas to use your old jewelry to create a new beautiful design that you will be happy about and want to join every day. In this way, your old gold jewelry will be revived. Therefore, it is a good idea to convert your old jewelry into new modern designs, new gold jewelry that suits you and that you will love to wear every day, that makes you happy and expresses yourself in a real way.

Design your own rings

At Rebecca Falck, for the past 20 years we have helped customers give their old gold a new, modern design. We have designed and reworked 1,000 customers' jewelry into new favorite jewelry from the old material.

Design your own jewelry

For example, gold and silver with or without stones, such as diamonds and pearls, everything that was in the old gold jewelry has been used to create the perfect piece of jewelry exactly for our customers as they wanted. We can also do it for you at Rebecca Falck.

Visit the goldsmith Kolmäteregränden 9 in Helsingborg

You are welcome in our shop if you want help in creating a new and personal design of your old gold jewellery. We start by booking a visit to our store in Helsingborg, and you bring your gold jewellery. We look at the material, together, talk about the possibilities we have and listen to your wishes.

Design your own necklace

It takes about 45-60 min. and is of course completely private. We will summarize various proposals together with you and finally we will give you a price on what it costs to create a new piece of jewelry based on the gold and silver you have brought.

See personalized jewelry online!

We recommend what we can do and what is practical for you who will wear your jewelery for many years. Of course, you retain the memories and feelings that were associated with your old jewelry.

You can book a visit with us using the form below. Write which time and day suits you and your phone number, and we will contact you and book a meeting.

Our opening hours on weekdays are from 11:00-18:00 but it is best if you can come before 11:00 as we have more private time when the store is not open. It is also fine to come on Saturdays from 10:00-14:00.

Buy gold jewelry that you have designed yourself

In the store, we can help you put words and design to your ideas. We also recommend that you look online in the store and let yourself be inspired. Both the many beautiful gemstones and gold and silver can give you new inspiration for new beautiful jewelry designed by you and just for you. You will really be happy to wear them every day of the year. You get a price for the design that we develop together and you get time to think about our offers.

We look forward to helping you create a new design and piece of jewelry.