We repair jewelry of all kinds.

At Rebecca Falck, you can safely hand in your jewelery for repair and care.

We also undertake stone setting and advanced alterations to your jewellery.

Exchanges of locks, worn pendants and chains, we can usually arrange in a day or two, slightly more extensive repairs and renovations in a week or so.

You always get a receipt and please bring a photo of your jewellery. We guarantee that your jewelery will receive the best service from us.

A cleaning and polishing is always included so that your refurbished/repaired piece of jewelery regains its former shine.

The price naturally varies depending on how much work and material is required, sometimes we have to replace with similar material if your piece of jewelery is worn and sometimes when extending or changing the ring size, for example, a little extra material is required.

You get a quote and price proposal immediately when you bring your piece of jewelry and you can make your decision the same day.