Genuine silver bracelet

Sterling silver bracelet is a genuine silver bracelet. Silver is one of the most beautiful metals available and you can design countless beautiful pieces of jewelry in this metal. Silver only gets more beautiful with age and even very old silver jewelry is often very beautiful, even though it may have been worn by women every day.

Silver is a jewelry metal that can be easily shaped, which is why you also have so many exciting design options. You can also use an old piece of silver jewelry to get a new and more modern piece of jewelry designed for yourself in silver with the help of jewelry designer Rebecca Falck.

Bracelet in silver

Silver bracelets are one of the most classic pieces of jewelry for women. It is the kind of jewelry that never goes out of fashion. It is eternally modern and can be used for both work and parties.

Silver bracelet for women

At Rebecca Falck you can find the very small and super simple silver bracelets in thin chains with balls for those who want a simple look, and you will find the big wide bracelets that really make a statement. Silver needs to be polished because it oxidizes. The black on silver is where the jewelry oxidizes, and the oxidation helps give character to the most beautiful silver jewelry—including sterling silver bracelets for women.

Women's silver bracelet with gold balls

Designs that combine silver and gold are very popular and at jeweler Rebecca Falck you will find a large range of jewellery, where the combination of gold and silver is the very core of the design. You can also find silver bracelets where there is gold. The gold can be small balls or it can be the clasp on the bracelet itself, which is a small piece of jewelry in itself.

Clasp for silver bracelet

A good clasp is important on any bracelet, so you can be sure it will stay on your wrist. there are many kinds of clasps and the clever thing is that the clasp can be made part of the design while securing your bracelet. At Rebecca Falck, you can find clasps for bracelets in genuine 18K gold and in oxidized silver (the black silver. The color appears when it oxidizes).

Jewelers online with silver bracelets

You will find a large range of bracelets for women online in the Rebecca Falck webshop and many of the bracelets are in silver. There are also gold bracelets. Sterling silver is a beautiful metal that only gets more beautiful if you wear it every day. In this way, it acquires a patina and it is a metal that ages gracefully.

Jewelry designs with many silver bangle designs

Rebecca Falck is known for her beautiful bracelets in silver. With more than 20 years of jewelry design experience, Rebecca has designed many beautiful silver bracelets over the years. The bracelets are in small silver balls, in narrow and strong lengths and in shiny and brushed silver. The different surface treatments of the silver can also be combined into a beautiful bracelet. There are many exciting design options that you can explore at

Sterling Silver Necklace

All sterling silver bracelets can also be made as necklaces, so you can get them as matching sets. Silver jewelry sets are popular among many women, and silver both around the wrist and neck always looks beautiful and elegant.

Jewelery in sterling silver

Silver is often used for jewelry for men and women. It is a unisex piece of jewelry in metal and you can combine it with black leather, gold, diamonds and genuine Tahitian pearls. Sterling silver bracelets can be like round beautiful and very simple rings that shine, and they can be more flexible chains. You can add charms to silver bracelets in chains and thus continuously design your very own personalized bracelet.

Buy silver from jeweler Rebecca Falck. You can buy online or visit the store with a goldsmith's workshop in Helsingborg. The prices you see online also apply in the store.