Goldsmith Rebecca Falck's history and background.

A piece of gold jewelry is not just a beautiful metal. It is a story that contains a story that is full of emotion and love for the people we care about and live our lives with.

Goldsmith Rebecca Falck: "Behind every piece of jewelry is a story about our feelings"

Rebecca has this autumn opened her goldsmith's shop in Helsingborg and she, if anyone, understands exactly what it is about when people come to get advice and guidance on a new unique piece of jewellery. She listens, gives advice and creates a design according to your story and your needs.

"A beautiful piece of jewelry binds soul and heart together and can have a great symbolic meaning for people's lives. My job is to take in the emotions and create the perfect piece of jewelry"

Goldsmith Rebecca Falck

As a jewelery designer, Rebecca Falck not only creates yours but also her own jewellery. With inspiration from the rich forms of nature, Rebecca also shapes her jewelry in both classic and experimental designs with elaborate contrasts in the expressions.

If you have a piece of gold jewelry that you might want to redo, or even create your own design, come down to the store and get both guidance and inspiration from Rebecca Falck's beautiful selection of her own designs.

A little about Goldsmith and jewelery designer Rebecca Falck

Rebecca Falck comes from Denmark, where she has been an active professional goldsmith for more than 20 years with a large clientele.

The shop has both classic and more experimental jewellery.

Rebecca Falck attaches great importance to the fusion of quality, design and functionality.

The shop has its own workshop on site and can also undertake all types of repairs.

Write to Rebecca here if you have a question.