Diamond earrings in white gold

Blue is a beautiful color to pair with white gold, and large blue Tahitian pearls and white gold with diamonds are one of Rebecca's many specialties. Rebecca is a jewelry designer and jeweler and she designs the many beautiful pieces of jewelry in her workshop in the store in Helsingborg.

Diamond earrings in gold

Gold earrings designed by jeweler Rebecca Falck have either small fine diamonds 0.2 ct. or 0.4 ct. or the most beautiful Tahitian pearls in their pendant. It can also be both diamonds and the beautiful real pearls that adorn the earrings.

Freshwater pearls are a bit more rustic than Tahitian pearls, and they are also used with diamonds in several different sizes.

14k gold for earrings

Earrings must be made of real metal. It's best for you and your body and you don't risk allergic reactions when you choose real gold in 14K or 18K. All jewelry at Rebecca Falck is made of real metal, and they can either sit on the earlobe itself or hang below the ear. They are all very beautiful and every woman's dream.

Large polished Tahitian pearls for earrings

The most expensive of the real pearls are the Tahitian pearls. They are the largest, most beautiful and most beautiful of all real pearls in existence. Tahitian pearls are also found in several of the earrings designed by jeweler Rebecca Falck, which you can buy in the store in Helsingborg and online in the webshop. Tahitian pearls are even more beautiful in the company of diamonds, so several of the earrings with Tahitian pearls that you can see here also have diamonds and 14K or 18K real gold.

Beautiful diamond earrings designed by jeweler Rebecca Falck

Diamonds in earrings make for the most fantastic jewelry and at Rebecca Falck you will find many beautiful designs that are both classic and exciting. You can find small hearts in 18K brushed gold with diamonds attached to the earlobe, you can find the most beautiful earrings in 14K gold studded with lots of small diamonds and a large drop-shaped Tahitian pearl at the bottom of the jewelry. The possibilities are many, and the earrings are both for day and work and evening and party.

You can view the large selection of earrings online in 14K and 18K gold, white gold and sterling silver. If you have very special requests, Rebecca can help you customize some of the earrings you see in the store so that they can have your very own personal touch.

If you want to shop online, it's easy to do. You can buy diamond earrings online and then Rebecca Falck will send them to you by secure mail. If you want to try the earrings, you can visit the store in Helsingborg, where the range of jewelery and diamond earrings is even larger.

Jewelery designer with 20 years of experience

Rebecca Falck is a trained jeweler and has learned the craft from scratch. On weekdays, she works in her jeweler's workshop in the store in Helsingborg and designs beautiful jewelry for men and women all year round. Rebecca also helps other jewelry stores and solves tasks with fitting rings, making necklaces, designing jewelry, etc. All kinds of jewelry in precious metals and with precious stones are Rebecca's specialty.

Visit the jeweler's shop in Helsingborg

On one of Helsingborg's finest streets is Rebecca Falck's goldsmith shop. Rebecca opened her confectioner's shop 5 years ago in Helsingborg and since then it has gone fantastically well. Many regular customers stop by after looking at jewelry online, and Rebecca also buys old gold. You can also come by with your old gold and get a price so you can either sell your old gold or have it turned into a piece of jewelry that suits you and your style perfectly.

Rebecca Falck is open Tuesday to Friday from 11 am and Saturday from 10 am to 3 pm. You are always welcome to come and buy beautiful jewelery from Rebecca Falck.