Earrings with pearls

Beautiful pearls are perfect for earrings. Our earrings are available in 18K gold and sterling silver and white gold. The earrings with real pearls can both sit on the ear, actually just like a very simple pearl, and they can hang and be elegant and in motion.

Tahitian pearl earrings

Tahitian pearls are available in several beautiful gentle shades. The most popular colors are white, pink and violet. The pearls are both large and small and many of them have a slightly asymmetrical shape because they have been created in a seashell for many years. In this way, they get the beautiful pearly surface and the slightly crooked shape depending on the movements of the sea.

Earrings with freshwater pearls

Saltwater pearls are similar to Tahitian pearls and are also available in several mild shades. Which mother-of-pearl colors are you most? Whatever you like best, pearls are always a very beautiful piece of jewelry, and pearl earrings you can wear every day at work and at parties.

Hanging earring with pearls

Hanging earrings can be from 1 - 10 cm long. The long dangling earrings are beautiful in both gold and silver and you can collect several pearls and design different lengths of your earrings. Everything is possible! You can also create the most beautiful designs by combining real pearls and diamonds in your dangling earrings. Jeweler Rebecca Falck can show you the many options in the store in Helsingborg, and you can also see them online here at the webshop.

Simple earring in silver and gold

Blue Tahitian pearls fit both 18K gold and sterling silver. The beautiful blue color matches jeans perfectly, for example, and is also fantastically elegant with a black dress in the evening for a party. If you combine pearls with diamonds, you emphasize the gentle appearance of the pearls even more, and the blue color of the mother-of-pearl becomes even more prominent because the sparkle of the diamonds reflects the color of the pearls.

Pink pearls and diamond with 14K gold

White gold is beautiful for earrings together with the blue Tahitian pearls. The blue color can sometimes appear a little purple. You can choose which pearls you want in your earrings when you visit the jewelry store in Helsingborg. Rebecca Falck has a large selection of beautiful Tahitian pearls in blue, pink and violet. And of course white Tahitian pearls too

Black onyx and pink Tahitian pearls

For the perfect evening look, a combination of black onyx and pink Tahitian pearls is absolutely perfect. The black onyx is shiny and black as night and next to the fine and delicate pink pearl, maybe with some diamonds, you get the finest earrings with the most beautiful contrasts.

Drop-shaped Tahitian pearls

Some Tahitian pearls are drop-shaped. The teardrop shape occurs in the mussel shell deep down at the bottom of the garden, when the small grain of sand rolls back and forth inside the mussel shell in time with the movements of the sea. The drop shape is so beautiful at the end of a thin chain in 14K gold or sterling silver and clothes the ear. You can have several drop-shaped Tahitian pearls in the same earring.

Shop Tahitian pearls online in beautiful designs

At jeweler Rebecca Falck's online store, you can see many beautiful designs of earrings with Tahitian pearls. Some earrings sit on the earlobe itself, some are elongated hanging 1-3 cm below the ear and still others are up to 10 cm long. there are so many possibilities to create exciting and personal designs. Visit Rebecca Falck's jewelry store and make your jewelry dreams come true.

Rebecca Falck is a jewelry designer

The experience of designing jewelery is over 20 years for Rebecca Falck. As a jeweler, she has made many thousands of special and exciting pieces of jewelry in 14K gold, 18K gold, sterling silver and white yellow to order over the years. Everything is possible and Rebecca is adept at guiding and advising, so that together you can find exactly the jewelery you have always dreamed of. Necklace, earrings, bracelet? Anything can be done.

Buy your jewelery at Rebecca Falck

Buy your beautiful jewelry from Rebecca Falck and see your jewelry dreams come true. You can see the prices online and when you visit the store in Helsingborg you can also get an offer on a specially designed piece of jewelry directly.