Silver pendants

Silver is an exciting metal with many design possibilities, and you will find them in Rebecca's collections of silver pendants. The pendant in silver can, for example, be with one of the beautiful Tahitian pearls in blue or violet or it can be with one or more diamonds. Maybe you even have a sterling silver chain that the pendant can hang on. Otherwise, Rebecca Falck has a large range of silver chains in different designs that you can choose from.

Silver pendant with diamonds

Diamond and silver pendants are some of the most popular pendants for women. Diamonds are very beautiful in the sterling silver pendant. Silver pendants can be set in fine or strong silver chains with large or small chain links. You can change your silver pendants every day to match your outfits, and you can wear multiple silver pendants at the same time in a beautiful mix of real saltwater pearls and diamonds.

Silver pendant designed by jewelry designer Rebecca Falck

Rebecca Falck is a jewelry designer. She has been designing all types of sterling silver jewelry for more than 20 years. At jeweler Rebecca Falck, you can get exactly the silver pendant you've always dreamed of. The large Tahitian pearls in blue, violet and pink are incredibly beautiful in a pendant where the pearls really come into their own.

Pendant with pearls

The large beautiful Tahitian pearls look absolutely stunning when set in a pendant and hanging from a sterling chain. The Tahitian pearls often sit in a very simple setting, because they weigh almost nothing, and then the mother-of-pearl colors become so beautiful together with silver. Especially the large pearls in pink mother-of-pearl are absolutely enchanting and very romantic.

Jeweler Rebecca Falck is a jewelery designer

With more than 20 years of experience as a jewelry designer and many thousands of pieces of jewelry in her portfolio, Rebecca Falck is one of the Nordic countries' most experienced jewelry designers. If you need help designing a piece of jewelry, or need to make changes to a piece of jewelry you already have, Rebecca is good at seeing the possibilities and working with you to find the perfect solution.

Rebecca designs jewelry in sterling silver, white gold, red gold and 14K and 18K gold. All types of gemstones look beautiful in Rebecca's jewelry, so if you have a special request for one or more gemstones, Rebecca will get you exactly what you want.

Silver pendant

The pendant in sterling silver usually hangs on a silver chain. Perhaps you already have a silver chain that you can use, and otherwise Rebecca Falck also has silver chains for the many beautiful pendants. You can have several pendants in the same silver chain. Did you know that? For example, you can have a pendant with a large beautiful Tahitian pearl and another pendant in silver in the same silver chain, for example with a small diamond.

Sterling silver pendant with pearls

Pearls such as Tahitian pearls, saltwater pearls or freshwater pearls can sit in sterling silver mounts.

Silver pendants with diamonds

There are many beautiful designs of pendants with diamonds. At Rebecca Falck, it is especially the hearts in brushed silver with a small diamond that are popular.

Pendant in silver

The pendants in silver are among the absolute best sellers at Rebecca Falck. The pendant can be in silver, have diamonds or the beautiful Tahitian pearls as ornaments. The silver is here in the setting itself, which holds the pearl or diamond in place.

What should I choose: Sterling silver or gold?

There are many emotions in choosing the right piece of jewelry, and the same emotions come into play when choosing between silver and 14K and 18K gold. The most expensive and most beautiful silver is sterling.

See the large selection of pendants in gold online, and choose for yourself whether to have diamonds or Tahitian pearls in your pendant. Also remember to choose a beautiful chain for your pendant.

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