Get today's Gold Price 18K

Gold price today 18 karat

18 carat gold is the type of gold that we sell the most and you will also find today's best price for 18 carat gold in the gold calculator on this page. Find the right carat and write the weight in grams on your gold jewellery. Then you can see the value of the gold immediately.

Gold price 24K

Do you have any 24K gold at home that you would like to sell? Then you can weigh it on a letter scale, and write the weight in grams in Rebecca's gold calculator. Then you can immediately see what your gold is worth and get today's best gold price.

Sell ​​gold at a good price

It is our clear recommendation that you sell your gold at the best price, and you will get it from Rebecca Falck. Rebecca buys tons of gold every day in every carat, because there are many people like you who have old jewelry lying around that they never wear.

Gold price 14K, 21K and 22K

There are many kinds of gold and the many karats are very different. These are the prices per grams too. You can find the best daily price of 14K, 21K and 22K in the Gold ONLY calculator, developed by jeweler Rebecca Falck. Calculate today's price for your gold here

What is the gold value of your jewelry?

It is always difficult to predict the value of a piece of jewelry. You only get one price that covers the weight. No one can estimate the value of affection, so you should consider it yourself before selling a piece of gold jewelry. What does the jewelry mean to you? Does it have a special meaning, or does it evoke special memories? The value of affection can never be valued, so think twice before selling your jewelry.

Today's gold value

The value of gold is updated every day and the price you saw yesterday is not the same as what you can get today. Therefore, you must decide if you want to sell immediately and not wait.

Gold prize Helsingborg

The jeweler Rebecca Falck has a shop in Helsingborg, and here you get the best gold price in Helsingborg. You are welcome to come during opening hours Tuesday to Saturday with the jewelry you want to sell. Rebecca weighs them in the store and gives you a price right away. You decide if you want to sell.

Sell ​​gold pendants at a good price

A gold pendant is very personal and it's one of those pieces of jewelry that might be worth selling if you have one lying around that you never wear. bring the gold pendant to Rebecca Falck.

Sell ​​gold rings at a good price

A gold ring can weigh more than you think and thus also be worth more than you think. When you bring your gold rings to Rebecca Falck to sell them, she weighs them, but if there are precious stones in your gold rings like diamonds, she asks you if you want them 'cut out' so that the weight is correct.

Sell ​​gold necklaces at a good price

Gold chains are easy to sell. Take them to your jeweler in Helsingborg and get a good price for them. You receive an offer in the store and you can choose to sell directly.

Sell ​​gold jewelry at a good price

You can sell all your gold jewelry at a good price, and you will get the best price from Rebecca Falck, jeweler in Helsingborg. Take your gold jewelry to the store and use the money you get for your old gold jewelry to buy new jewelry. You can also shop online when you have looked at all the beautiful jewelry and found just the right inspiration.

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