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At Rebecca Falck you can buy beautiful new jewelery in gold and silver, necklaces, bracelets and earrings with diamonds and other beautiful precious stones. If you have an idea for a personalized piece of jewelry that you would like to have designed, Rebecca can help you make your personalized piece of jewelry perfect. Rebecca Falck is a trained jeweler and works in both gold and silver according to your wishes. You can also sell your old gold and use Rebecca's gold calculator to find the value of your gold online . Visit the goldsmith's shop in Kolmätaregränden 9 in Helsingborg or buy your jewelery online when you are at home.

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Jewelers Helsingborg Kolmätaregränden 9

Rebecca Falck's jewelry store is easy to find. The store is located in Kolmätaregränden 9 in central Helsingborg close to the pedestrian street, the journey to Helsingör in Denmark and public transport. The shop is open from Tuesday to Saturday and closed on Sunday and Monday. In the store you can see the entire beautiful selection of gold and silver jewelry and the most beautiful precious stones. Rebecca is a trained jeweler and she makes all the jewelery herself. Rebecca also has a real goldsmith's workshop in the store where she also repairs and adjusts jewellery. Do you have a finger ring that has become too big or small or do you have a gold chain that has broken? Then Rebecca can repair it for you.

Shop with necklaces and bracelets and rings

You can find many classic pieces of jewelery at goldsmith Rebecca Falck. Bestsellers such as necklaces , bracelets and rings are available in many designs for both men and women. The materials are both gold and silver in exciting designs and with diamonds and other beautiful precious stones. You can also buy the beautiful jewelry online and order from home.

Do you know Rebecca Falck's gold counter?

You can plan the sale of old gold from home and online. When you weigh your gold at home, you can use the gold calculator to find out how much money your old gold is worth. Maybe you have old jewelry lying around in a chest of drawers that you inherited and never wear. Getting rid of heirloom jewelry can be difficult, but it can also be a relief. Once you've sold them, you can use the money to design a new and modern piece of jewelry for yourself that you feel like wearing every day.

Sell ​​your gold

Do you have any old gold lying around at home? Then sell it to Rebecca Falck, who will give you a good price. Rebecca weighs and evaluates your old gold in the store and you receive your money the next day in your bank account. Remember to bring ID with you to the store if you need to sell gold .

Design your own personal jewelry

At Rebecca Falck, your dreams and personal jewelery can come true. If you have an idea for a beautiful personalized beauty, jeweler Rebecca can help you make it a reality. Together with you, the jeweler will find exactly the design of your dreams. You can design your own personal jewelery together with Jeweler Rebecca Falck.

Buy diamond jewelry in beautiful designs

You can find many beautiful pieces of jewelry with beautiful gemstones at jeweler Rebecca Falck. Diamonds , rubies, emeralds, tourmalines, amethyst, jade, onyx, diamonds, labradorite, lapis, moonstones and many more beautiful precious stones adorn the many pieces of jewelry in gold and silver. Genuine freshwater and saltwater pearls are available both as necklaces and beautiful earrings and the most adventurous pendants for chains in gold and silver.

Buy gold and silver jewelry online

You can see a large selection of the beautiful jewelry in gold and silver that Rebecca Falck has designed here in the store. You can buy the jewelry online, and you are also welcome to visit Rebecca in the store in Helsingborg and get an offer on a very special piece of jewelry that you dream of.